One thought on “Our Stories

  1. This page is being started as a gathering place to discuss the heroin epidemic that is ravaging our local communities. What is printed in the papers and heard through media outlets are half-truths or often no truths at all. People are dying every day. Not somewhere but here. Our local powers to be such as elected officials and public servants are giving a skewed perspective to the community about the real numbers of deaths, the amount of people this is affecting and most importantly what they are doing about it. It is time we take matters into our own hands and begin to understand that this is not a social economic issue or one that exists in a bubble of neighborhood dividing lines it is one that lives and breathes on our door steps and one that is killing our neighbors and our families and one that needs to stopped. It is our responsibilities as stewards of our communities to find out how we can get involved to create lasting action and hopefully change. I ask you to share your stories as the only way to break the silence is to speak. You will not read about the victims of this terrible plague in the paper because it is being hidden. People overdose, die and are placed in the ground as quickly as possible because if they do it quickly and quietly no questions can be asked. I implore you to not forget and to not speak up and out about the individuals we are losing every minute of every day. Use this as a forum of remembrance, a sounding board for anger, and a bullhorn to shout from the rooftops that this will change and we will be the ones to create this forward momentum.


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